Where To Play ?

by Badminton Tasmania

Badminton can be played anywhere – in the back yard, park, beach, hall or sports centre! Due to the lightweight nature of the shuttle, indoors are the best option but we encourage you to have a hit wherever you can.

Badminton Tasmania currently has three affiliated associations, however there may also be a club that plays in your area.

Our current affiliated regional members are:

  • Southern Tasmanian Badminton Association
  • North West Badminton Association
  • Greater Northern Badminton Association

If you want to participate, we recommend you contact us or the relevant association in advance.  For contact details, click here.

On top of these, Badminton is run through the Sporting Schools program – if you’re interested, please get in contact with us to get it in your or your child’s school.

For upcoming events, click here.