by Badminton Tasmania

At an elite level, Badminton is the fastest racquet sport in the world and has been an Olympic sport since 1992.  For the majority, however, it is a fantastic source of exercise, played in a safe environment (Badminton is an indoor, non-contact sport – which is fantastic for both the young and old, and every in between). 

Badminton is one the most accessible sports in the world, it can be played anytime, anywhere, by anyone of any ability and age! Badminton can be enjoyed at any pace, meaning that it is a fantastic game for those who might be less mobile because of age or a lower fitness level, and can be enjoyed for those who want to push their physical abilities to the limit.

The nature of badminton means that anyone of any ability can play and contribute to the game. The shuttle is forgiving enough for beginners to take time in hitting it, but it can be equally challenging for experienced players.

At a basic level, the aim of Badminton is to play 3 games to 21 points! You win points when the shuttle lands “in on your opponent’s side, or your opponent hits it “out” on your side.

It’s a fantastic social activity for everyone to play, whether it is in your living room, the backyard (while it is harder to judge due to the wind – there are outdoor options coming!), or in a community or sports hall!  If you want to step up your game, and get more involved in the wonderful sport of badminton, click here for contact details for Badminton Tasmania and our affiliated associations.