Sport Integrity

by Badminton Tasmania

Sport Integrity

Sport is an Australian way of life. It brings people together, transcending differences in language, ability, cultures, and beliefs, and provides physical, social, and economic benefits.

Integrity is an essential part of this.

Integrity in sport means that athletes, support persons, and fans can participate and celebrate sport, confident in the knowledge that they are part of a safe, ethical, and inclusive environment.

Badminton Tasmania takes integrity seriously.

All our members and participants have an obligation to protect and maintain the integrity of sport, as well as the health and wellbeing of our athletes.

We work closely with Badminton Australia and Sport Integrity Australia (SIA); the federal agency established to prevent and deal with integrity threats in sport. For more information on SIA, or to make a report of:

  • Prohibited substances use
  • The abuse of children
  • Match fixing
  • Bullying, intimidation, discrimination, and harassment in sport

Visit the Sport Integrity Australia website.

If you require further information about integrity in your sport, please visit the Badminton Australia Integrity Framework & Policies webpage here.

This link will provide you with our integrity rules as outlined by the National Integrity Framework, as well as other integrity policies, education and training resources, and instructions on how to lodge an integrity complaint.

We all have a right to have a positive experience of sport, so if you see something, say something!