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2021 Greater Northern Badminton Tournament Results

by Badminton Tasmania

A huge thank you to the badminton community for supporting the second Greater Northern Badminton Tournament, held in Deloraine over the past weekend.

We had record numbers, with 118 players entering, with 226 individual event entries.  What a massive weekend of Badminton, embracing the chilly but sunny conditions, and battling it out with friends from across the state. While there can only be 1 winner per event, the effort put in by all was astounding to see, and really goes to show the great development we have in the state with associations, clubs, and players.


U17 Girls Doubles: Sarah Gardner & Rachel Sadiq

U19 Boys Doubles: Oscar Mark Blackburn & Andre Chua

U17 Boys Doubles: Nithikha Samarababdu & Nitush Sheyamalan

U17 Mixed Doubles: Nitush Sheyamalan & Elka Chamley

U15 Mixed Doubles: Nithikha Samarababdu & Danara Rachalle Raj

U17 Girls Singles: Lillian Harris

U15 Girls Singles: Sarah Gardner

U19 Boys Singles: Nishchal Gurung

U17 Boys Singles: Nitush Sheyamalan

U15 Boys Singles: Nithikha Samarababdu

D Grade Mixed Doubles: Xinyu Shi & Yarui Wu

D Grade Womens Doubles: Phoebe Hoang & An-Chen (Jamie) Yeh

D Grade Mens Doubles: Xinyu Shi & Bin Zhou

D Grade Womens Singles: Yarui Wu

D Grade Mens Singles: Daniel Jiacong Chen

C Grade Mixed Doubles: Nucky Lin & Teresa Tang

C Grade Womens Doubles: Linda Maree Gardner & Niamh Grace Woodfield

C Grade Mens Doubles: Fabian Delanty & Craig Geoffrey Kennedy

C Grade Womens Singles: Sally Wiltshire

C Grade Mens Singles: Ryan Aditama

B Grade Mixed Doubles: Dean Gale & Vicky Zhang

B Grade Womens Doubles: Karen M Arnold & Linda Margaret Lattimer

B Grade Mens Doubles: Ruchit Khambhadiya & Ashwin Kumar Saripalli

B Grade Mens Singles: Andre Chua

A Res Mixed Doubles: Adrian Loane & Caorui Ouyang

A Res Mens Doubles: Yuan Ji & Shun K Lin

A Res Mens Singles: Andre Chua

Open Mixed Doubles: Brent Munday & Meg Graham

Open Womens Doubles: Meg Graham & Leesa Grundy

Open Mens Doubles: Rowan Henderson & Brent Munday

Open Womens Singles: Meg Graham

Open Mens Singles: H E Thisara

A huge thank you goes out to our players, and the support shown from those at Southern Tasmanian Badminton Association, North Western Badminton Association, Western Division Badminton, and Deloraine Badminton Association. A special thanks goes out to Deloraine Badminton Association and the Greater Northern Badminton Association for the running of the event, as well as the support of the Meander Valley Council.  It is amazing to see the support received and the continuing growth of the badminton community across the state.

A final thank you to the volunteers and technical officials that assisted throughout the weekend, especially Robert Brockman and Triesa Blackburn for the smooth running of the event, as well as all umpires (qualified and in-training) who took to the chairs to make sure we could get through all the games, leaving ample time to commute home.

There are no tournaments in June, but it gives you ample time to recover and train for a huge month of badminton in July:

  • 10-11 July – North West Vets
  • 24-25 – STBA Invitational
  • 31 July-1 August – Tasmanian Ladies Badminton Carnival

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