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Greater Northern Badminton Tournament

by Badminton Tasmania

To assist the North with more badminton opportunities, Badminton Tasmania hosted the first ever Greater Northern Tournament at Deloraine.  We want to thank all those that supported the event, coming from both the STBA and NWBA, as well as some new members from the area – without player and association support, events can’t get off the ground.  While no one likes the travel aspect of a state sport, it is always amazing to see players coming from all over the state.  At the end of the tournament there was a mini Teams Relay Event which was an absolute blast, and the skills on display made it a real treat to watch. At the end of the day, the Mountain View Monarchs (Leesa, Kayden, Dylan, Katie, Mark, and Casim) took out the inaugural title – CONGRATULATIONS.

Greater Northern Results

Open Men’s Singles: H E Thisara

Open Women’s Singles: Meg Graham

Open Men’s Doubles: Stephen Gale and H E Thisara

Open Women’s Doubles: Meg Graham and Leesa Grundy

Open Mixed Doubles: Brent Munday and Meg Graham

A Grade Men’s Singles: Adrian Loane

A Grade Men’s Doubles: Stephen Gale and Scott Viney

A Grade Mixed Doubles: Shun K Lin and Sau Han Tai

B Grade Men’s Singles: Kayden Gardener

B Grade Women’s Singles: Sau Han Tai

B Grade Men’s Doubles: Kayden Gardner and Reagen Robotham

B Grade Women’s Doubles: Diana Aylett and Sau Han Tai

B Grade Mixed Doubles: Shun K Lin and Sau Han Tai

C Grade Men’s Singles: Reagan Robotham

C Grade Women’s Singles: Linda Lattimer

C Grade Men’s Doubles: Timothy Morgan and Matt Stewart

C Grade Women’s Doubles: Karen Arnold and Linda Lattimer

C Grade Mixed Doubles: Matt Stewart and Karen Arnold

D Grade Men’s Singles: Jacob Wylie

D Grade Men’s Doubles: Kaviru Indralal and Satchitanantham Sheyamalan

Under 17 Boys Singles: Nitush Sheyamalan

Under 17 Boys Doubles: Bihandu De Silva and Nithikha Samarabandu

For full details of all matches and outcomes of the tournament, visit https://www.tournamentsoftware.com/sport/winners.aspx?id=A7A55D34-A081-497B-9502-B6194249A6AA

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