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2020 STBA Invitational

by Badminton Tasmania

Congratulations to the Southern Tasmanian Badminton Association on their successful STBA Invitational. 100 players entered the event, with over 150 event entries, it was a massive undertaking and one that was run smoothly. 

On behalf of the Badminton community in Tasmania, thanks goes out to the sponsors of the event: Mr Korea and AA Finance Broking.

2020 STBA Invitational Results

Open Men’s Singles: H E Thisara

Open Women’s Singles: Meg Graham

Open Men’s Doubles: Rowan Henderson & Brent Munday

Open Women’s Doubles: Meg Graham & Abbie Rothery

Open Mixed Doubles: Brent Munday & Meg Graham

Men’s Singles A: Sam Kevin Lockett

Women’s Singles A: Tara Ziyi Thiessen

Men’s Doubles A: Stephen Gale & Scott Viney

Women’s Doubles A: Jenny Badger & Maria Shelverton

Mixed Doubles A: Ziyang Chuah & Thu Thao Kim Nguyen

Men’s Singles B: Andre Chua

Men’s Doubles B: Alec Avellana & Matthew James Stewart

Women’s Doubles B: Alieta Eyles & Wendy Hickman

Mixed Doubles B: Kayden Gardner & Niamh Grace Woodfield

Men’s Singles C: Aozheng Wang

Women’s Singles C: Niamh Grace Woodfield

Men’s Doubles C: Aozheng Wang & Kenny Wang

Women’s Doubles C: Linda Margaret Lattimer & Lauren Tjan

Mixed Doubles C: Matthew James Stewart & Karen M Arnold

Men’s Singles D: Bodhi Michael Ruffels

Men’s Doubles D: Jack Andrews & Bodhi Michael Ruffels

Mixed Doubles D: Jia Su & Ester Cheang

Boys U15 Singles: Tristan Zi Le Thiessen

For full details of all matches and outcomes of the tournament, visit https://www.tournamentsoftware.com/sport/winners.aspx?id=FBAD92E0-8B2F-42E3-B70E-6915BA98720C

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